Last weekend I finally took a day to have some alone time.  I had some gift cards to the local book stores and I ended up spending an extra $5.63 and got an overnight bag and 8 books!  I LOVE reading books and magazines!  I think I’ve mentioned this before in a previous blog post 🙂  After the book store, I went to another favourite…the FABRIC store and found some more deals…yay!!  I’ll have to update you  on what else I make, but for now, I got this cute fabric with little cocktails all over it and decided to make, what else?  Cocktail napkins!!  They turned out so cute  🙂


I cut the fabric into 10 inch squares and then proceeded to hem all  four sides.  I iron as I go along and then I only have to pin the corners.  I did a 1/2″ hem,  2 folds of 1/4″ each and a mitred corner.  It’s very easy to do and you end up with napkins that are original and washable.

These are going to be so cute when we have cocktails or appetizers ❤  I can’t wait to use them!!

I encourage you to give it a try as its rewarding and easy! 🙂




I’ve made quite a few of these easy to whip up baby bandanas.  I’m one of those people who won’t spend money on a pattern unless absolutely necessary 🙂  When my grandson was born my daughter in law had purchased a couple and then asked me to make some. My technique improved as I went along.

Just lately my daughter in law’s girlfriend asked me to make some for her little fellow, and so I did.  I tend to have more little boy fabrics lately, go figure haha.


The first 3 are a little brighter and the second 3 are a little more retro looking.

I cut out a triangle in fabric and one in minky fabric (or you could use flannel), put them right sides together and sew around the edges leaving a 1 1/2″ gap to turn right side out. Trim the edges so that you don’t have bulky corners.  Then I iron them and sew a border tucking the opened edge in and catch it with the border stitch.

They are all backed with minky fabric. Soft and cuddly for little necks. I also used the little plastic snaps which are so handy 🙂 I added 2 so that she could adjust as her little one grows.




So fun and so quick!


Here is a little throwback to when I made a Halloween bib and little “boo” bag for all of little man’s treats 🙂

Little bags are another quick gift I make and have been making for years. Put a couple of books in and you have a quick and well loved gift!


Remember to LIVE LIFE FULLY ❤



Last year I started a quilt for my wee grandson and I finished it this year.  I knew he was too young last year, so I didn’t rush. This year he is 2 years old and is noticing more around him.  He comes over to our home and reads the Hallowe’en books we have and we can sit under the Hallowe’en quilt 🙂

I bought the fabric and it was already cut in squares. I ended up cutting them into large 9 x 9 squares. I didn’t cut them into any smaller squares because some of the fabrics were more of a scene and I didn’t want to lose that.  It still can be used as an “I SPY” quilt because there are enough little characters on the quilt to find.  I think this will be more of a hit next year or so once he’s a bit older.


I put plain black borders in between each of the squares so that the colours really popped. Once the top was done I put a layer of batting and then a plain black cotton back and sandwiched them all together.  Stitch in the ditch around all the squares, put the border on and voila!  My mom came to visit and I needed to keep her busy 🙂 , so I had her finish appliqueing each of the squares individually. Some are random and some follow a few of the Hallowe’en characters.  Turned out so cute!!


This quilt will be around for many a year and be the source of many happy memories.


The dog thought this was for him to roll around on – NOT!! haha 🙂

Now to get cracking on the Christmas quilts I’ve got sitting in the wings…



I’ve been sewing since I was probably 10 years old. I remember watching my mom sewing our clothes and dance costumes and begging for scraps and then making doll clothes out of them. Nothing fancy but it was the dreaming and the creating that was so much fun.

When my kids were little I made their bumper pads, quilts and clothes and Halloween costumes. Once they got a bit older I turned my sewing towards more crafty type of things like quilting and making things for around the home.

If I think I can make it for cheaper than buying it well…I make it! 🙂  Even if I don’t have a pattern. Nothing is rocket science except rocket science.

So I needed to replace the drapery panels in the family room. I bought 2 56″ x 96″ panels but only needed 84″ for the length.  So I cut off the bottoms and made a pair of tie backs for the curtains. (in retrospect I should have added stiffening)  and then while I was on a roll I made 2 cushion covers. I had to do some piecing and the backs of the pillows are different fabrics but it works. I’m so pleased when my vision finally is complete. Of course I have to show everyone when they come over ha ha.photopillow

Well that’s all for now.

Live life fully ❤