Last year I started a quilt for my wee grandson and I finished it this year.  I knew he was too young last year, so I didn’t rush. This year he is 2 years old and is noticing more around him.  He comes over to our home and reads the Hallowe’en books we have and we can sit under the Hallowe’en quilt 🙂

I bought the fabric and it was already cut in squares. I ended up cutting them into large 9 x 9 squares. I didn’t cut them into any smaller squares because some of the fabrics were more of a scene and I didn’t want to lose that.  It still can be used as an “I SPY” quilt because there are enough little characters on the quilt to find.  I think this will be more of a hit next year or so once he’s a bit older.


I put plain black borders in between each of the squares so that the colours really popped. Once the top was done I put a layer of batting and then a plain black cotton back and sandwiched them all together.  Stitch in the ditch around all the squares, put the border on and voila!  My mom came to visit and I needed to keep her busy 🙂 , so I had her finish appliqueing each of the squares individually. Some are random and some follow a few of the Hallowe’en characters.  Turned out so cute!!


This quilt will be around for many a year and be the source of many happy memories.


The dog thought this was for him to roll around on – NOT!! haha 🙂

Now to get cracking on the Christmas quilts I’ve got sitting in the wings…



Can’t believe we are into May already!  We are looking forward to our 31st wedding anniversary on the 19th and my middle son is getting married to his lovely fiancée on the 23rd.  Kind of seems surreal to be saying I have a child that is getting married when it seems like yesterday that they were born. So many memories and good times to reflect upon.   If you are younger you will find this hard to believe but time really does fly 🙂

So speaking of memories…my daughter has had a pile of t-shirts that were taking up closet space. She wore some of them and some she had outgrown but she still didn’t want to part with them.  I had seen some quilts made out of t-shirts before, so thought this would be a good option.

Obtain pile of shirts. My daughter was very trusting at letting me cut up her favourite tees.  Once you start cutting there is no going back. You either make a quilt or you’ve ruined her collection.

IMG_1184 IMG_1187

Cut out as much of front and back including logos and removing arms, waistbands, necklines and side seams. So you end up with 2 large squarish pieces of fabric, after I squared them all off.  This is where it gets tricky as they are all different sized t-shirts, and the logos are all different sizes.


I used denim from old jeans and cut those into 2 inch strips.  Doesn’t matter if all the denim is mismatched or not, as this is a patch work quilt.


I lay out the fronts trying to get a pleasing look to it.  For instance I didn’t lay some colours together because I didn’t like them.  That’s just me haha. I then sewed strips of denim around each t-shirt block but so that there was only one strip between 2 t-shirts (mostly). So 2 t-shirts will share some denim strips.  I spent a lot of time sitting and looking at this quilt and figuring out what to do next.  Some spots I had to add a jean pocket to cover a spot that I just couldn’t match up pieces. It adds interest!


Once the whole front was laid out I added a strip of denim around the whole outside of the quilt.  This also gives the quilt a little stability.

For the back I used all the backs of the t-shirts which are plain. Because like the fronts the t-shirts were all different sizes I opted to cut them all into strips that were 4 inches wide. After sewing all the pieces together to make blocks I trimmed them all into squares and sewed black t-shirt strips between the blocks.


Layer the back, batting and front together and pin together through all the layers. I trimmed all three layers and then started the sew the piping around the whole quilt.


My daughter loves the quilt and it will bring back memories of all those t-shirts that she loved enough to purchase over the years.



I’ve been working on a quilt for quite some time (read at least a year). It is a lot larger than I thought it was going to be and its difficult to maneuver through the machine. It started out as 9 panels all with a beach theme. It’s called “Beach Walk” by McKenna Ryan.  I love her designs and I was really drawn to the colours of this particular quilt, very west coast :).

I purchased the whole kit including the fabric, pattern and embellishments. My favourite part was cutting out all the little pieces and ironing them in place.  It’s very much like painting with fabric , as the different shades of fabrics give the depth to the picture. Tiny little pieces are added, wings, feet, beaks, plants etc. I really enjoyed this.



After several weeks of cutting, placing and ironing all the little pieces in place the panels were ready to be sewn in place.

All nine panels sewn together and then a batting and a back layer were added.  I safety pinned the three layers together and then have started the slow process of appliqueing all the little individual pieces around the edges.

IMG_1343 IMG_5208IMG_1339IMG_1340IMG_5209

I’m not even sure where I will be able to display this because of its size.  In retrospect I should have just done half of the quilt or the individual panels and then I could have switched them up, but c’est la vie! I love the colours and its so pretty to look at.  Also posting this I will be encouraged to finish the project so that I can move on to other projects.


Here are the two pics of the whole quilt (not finished)  Wish me luck!! This is my resolution for 2015…finishing projects before buying more projects. 🙂