My daughter had purchased some material from our local fabric store and wanted me to make her a blouse/shirt with it.  It happened to be a Cotton and Steel fabric and because the white of the bunnies is not a true white I couldn’t match it, so we went with a solid black fabric.  It turned out so cute and she has gotten a lot of wear out of it and a lot of compliments.  Its definitely an original and no one will have the same one out there!

She can dress it up with black or white pants or use it as a jacket with a simple tee underneath.



I had to definitely think about the direction that the bunnies were heading when I made the cuffs and Nehru collar.  Almost ran out of material 😦   I used plain black buttons down the front and then vintage buttons on the sleeves and neck.  With fall coming its a fun addition to her wardrobe.

This was a fun project and although not perfect we had fun designing and executing our plan.  Next project??? Stay tuned!  🙂



This is the first year in a long time that I’ve had some time to do a couple of crafts, decorate the house and do some Christmas baking.  The last couple of years have involved me trying to bake a few Christmas favourites the day before people came over and Christmas shopping with all the other harried people a few days before the big day.

I like to put some consideration into shopping and preparing meals and to actually enjoy the season.

So, here are a couple of simple things I did this year. Neither require any expertise but I still think they turned out cute.

The first is just some fallen branches that I collected on my daily walk through the forest.

Spray painted them flat white and let them dry and decorated them with some vintage and vintage looking ornaments. It helps to fill up the empty corner haha.


The next one is equally as easy. I think it would make a great craft for kids as long as an adult operated the glue gun.  Have a bowl of ice water handy to plunge a finger when you accidently get hot glue on it. 😦

I used a 12×12 paint canvas (that’s what I had handy) You could use a piece of board or even sturdy cardboard.

I then covered it with a piece of white fleecy fabric. Again hot glued it as I didn’t have a staple gun handy.

From the same walk I gathered a few fairly straight branches approximately the same diameter, but not necessary. I just needed to cut through them with my little garden shears. I cut them approx. 2 1/2 inches long.

IMG_1036 IMG_1037 IMG_1039 IMG_1040

After gluing all the pieces of branches in a circle, I cut a few branches of cedar and tied them together with a piece of twine.  Over that I tied a bow and hot glued to the top of the frame.

IMG_1047 IMG_1046

Voila!  You could add more branches on top of the first layer.  I liked this look, simple and unconstructed looking.

Hope I inspired someone to try this.  Just have fun.



I thought I would mix it up a bit cause I’ve been mostly posting recipes lately.  I really have been trying to carve out me time in this busy life.  I started taking some classes via Uptown painting in Washington State. Just a quick trip over the border and you’re there.  They’ve been holding the classes at the golf club and so it’s a big group but very fun and lots of laughs!!

The thing with painting is you can’t take yourself too seriously. The teacher demonstrates and then everyone else interprets.  This is where the laughs come in. The time flies by and before you know it 3 hours have gone by and you have a painting. (frames optional)

I’m not perfect but I do have fun 🙂


The picture to the right is the one I used of our dog Sage.
The picture to the right is the one I used of our dog Sage.


Take some time to relax and express yourself because the rewards are priceless.

Live life fully ❤